"Working and interacting with all staff levels from Staff I to Partners was great exposure. It gave me a great opportunity to hone my professional skills and provided valuable insight into what to expect if I continued on this career path. The Firm has a development-oriented approach. If your future goal is to become a CPA, GALLINA has great resources and support to help you get there."

- Justin N., Intern



“I am usually doing something different every week and am learning a lot, which has made my transition from school to public accounting easier.”

– Chad W., Associate



“The internship is structured so you don’t have to choose between school and work – you get to do both without feeling like you are giving something up.”

– Linda U., Intern



“Exposure to tax and audit gave me a good idea about what long term direction I wanted to take my career.”

Houman A., Intern


Campus Recruits

New Associates

You’re looking for a place to launch your career and gain exposure.

GALLINA LLP places emphasis on your career development through a comprehensive training program the first two years of your career. In addition, the Firm provides a Firm-sponsored CPA exam review course to help you successfully pass the CPA exam.

New Associates are given the opportunity to explore both audit and tax in a variety of industries to decide what suits you best. We specialize in a variety of industries from construction, real estate, manufacturing, employee benefit plans, agriculture, and governmental entities– meaning you gain the exposure to many different types of businesses.

Working in both tax and audit means that no matter the direction you choose, you will receive the attest experience necessary for your CPA license.


GALLINA LLP offers a robust paid, working internship program. The Internship program runs from January through April during the tax and audit busy season.

As a GALLINA LLP Intern, you are provided the opportunity to work on both audit and tax engagements, providing you with comprehensive public accounting exposure and the ability to apply concepts learned in your university coursework.

Internship Applicant Requirements:

  • An interest in pursuing a career in public accounting
  • Junior or Senior level student at a University, pursuing a degree in Accounting
  • Ability to work a minimum of 24 hours per week
  • CPA exam eligible upon graduation (150 semester units)

Look for the GALLINA LLP Number Ninjason campuses throughout the Western United States.